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Sunvek Roofing Washington

Sunvek Roofing opened a new location in Spokane Washington and needed a new website to showcase their commercial roofing services. A priority for Sunvek is to have a search engine friendly online presence. We did this by optimizing their website pages which focused on their most important keyword phrases.

Toad River Lodge in Northern British Columbia

There are many stories of how different places got their names along the highway. We kind of liked this one about toad so we've adopted it. Back around 1942 when the Canadian and U.S. armies were busy building the Alaska highway (it was not the super highway you just drove in on), there were problems crossing the river because a bridge was not yet built, so it was par for the course to be "towed across".

Stone Creations

Based in Scottsdale, Stone Creations is the leading installer of paving materials in Arizona. Whether you need a driveway, swimming pool or patio, Stone Creations has the paver products and the design capabilities to make your hardscape dreams come alive. We do both Residential and Commercial paver projects and no job is too big or too small. At Stone Creations, we treat every project as if it was our own home and we use only the finest quality materials available.

Freeman Built

Freeman Built needed a website that encompassed all of their services, while keeping everything organized. They also needed the website to be built on a platform that was easy to manage and update. We accomplished this by pulling together all of their assets and organizing them so they are easy for the website visitor to locate. We also installed SEO and security tools to aide in the longterm functionality of the CMS platform.

Kool Fx

Kool Fx is the premier designer and manufacturer of custom water and fire effects for commercial and residential properties.

Kool Fx in-house designers and technicians have been working with clients, homeowners, architects and contractors to meet the desired effects of your residential and commercial visions since 1989. A beginning with misting systems led way to special effects in water and fire designs.


Website Design and Website Redesign

Website Designing is very personal or at least it should be very personal.

Your website is the face of your company on the World Wide Web.

If your website is done correctly it can be an equalizer, a way you and your competition can appear to be the same size and it allows you to send any message to the website visitor that you want sent. This is an opportunity to provide a look into your business that is not even available with a brick and mortar store.

Website Redesigning is also very personal considering this is not your first Website design rodeo. A website redesign is done for a variety of reasons which are too numerous to mention but often it is a simple as bringing an old website current with design and content especially if a website was built long a go and not updated.

Designing/Redesigning a website is not rocket science but it is very close to it even if the process is quite different from each other. However, the most important part of the process is communicating with the client. Communicating is the difference between success and failure in website designing.

We always begin our process of website designing and/or redesigning by Listening! We listen to the client and remember to incorporate our education and experience into the process because it is really important we help our clients by bringing the client needs to showcase their products/services.

After the first steps of listening to our client, we then move forward with the project and keep our client informed along the way as we make forward progress.

The most important part of the Design/Redesign of a website is that we work together on the project at hand so all parties are ultimately satisfied with the end result.

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